What if the charity I want to give to isn't listed on Charitable Impact?

If an organization isn’t listed on Charitable Impact, it might mean that the organization is not a charity registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Charitable Impact updates its charity listings with the data published by the CRA every month to include newly registered charities, and to remove any organizations that have lost their charitable status. 

Registered charities not appearing on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) online database

There are some organizations (such as school districts or sports associations) that might not appear on the CRA’s online database, but are still eligible to receive donations through Charitable Impact. 

If you believe the organization you want to give money to is a registered charity and should be listed on Charitable Impact, please email hello@charitableimpact.com and we'll take a look.

Non-profit organizations

Unfortunately, because non-profit organizations don't have official charitable status, Charitable Impact can't disburse funds to them. Because of this, you can’t give to non-profit organizations through Charitable Impact at this time.

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