Where does Charitable Impact get the information listed on charity profiles?

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) sends Charitable Impact an updated copy of the Charities Listings approximately quarterly. The Charities Listings include contact information, general activities, and financial information including the public portions of a charity’s annual information return (T3010) for all active charitable organizations, public foundations and private foundations. In addition, it also lists inactive/revoked charities and active and closed Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations (RCAAAs). The CRA provides this information to anyone interested upon request.

How often are charity profiles updated?

We aim to update Charitable Impact’s charity profiles and internal records within two weeks of receiving this data from the CRA. On a monthly basis, we automatically download the current list of registered charities (both active and revoked) from the CRA’s public website (this information does not include RCAAAs or T3010 data). Carity profiles on the Charitable Impact website are updated accordingly.


We do not know or have influence over the timeliness of CRA making updates to their own records upon receipt of information from individual charities, nor of those changes being reflected on their public website or in the data snapshots we receive from them.

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