Charitable Investment Account fees

A Charitable Investment Account offers strategic and cost-effective management of charitable assets over a longer period.

Charitable Impact charges a small fee determined by the asset balance of your Charitable Investment Account. The Charitable Impact fee is charged to Charitable Investment Accounts in addition to the investment management fee charged by your financial advisor. Both fees are deducted directly from your Charitable Investment Account.

Fees do not impact your tax receipt. The value of your receipt is determined by the fair market value of the assets at the time of donation.

Publicly traded securities fee schedule

Charitable Investment Account Balance Annual Charitable Impact Fee
First $1,000,000 0.50%
Assets above first $1,000,000 0.25%
  • The fee applies when you Donate & Invest, and is calculated annually on the Charitable Investment account balance. 
  • Our fees are not inclusive of the transactional and/or asset under management fees charged by the advisor or investment manager that we work with
  • For more information about fees on other types of assets, please contact us.

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