Giving Season 2022

About Giving Season

Each year, Charitable Impact looks forward to Giving Season. Giving Season is the time of year (October - December) during which most donations and grants are made. Donors are getting into the holiday spirit, charities are in extra need at this time, and tax receipts for 2022 must be issued by the end of the year (December 31, 2022). This means that our teams are working hard to open accounts, process donations, and ensure grants get to charities swiftly. By encouraging donors to donate early, we can ensure everyone receives accurate tax receipts for their donations and charities are able to receive their grants before year end. 

How to give during Giving Season

Giving during Giving Season is done the same way as any other time of year at Charitable Impact. With seasonal activity in mind, we like to prepare our donors, charities, and financial services partners well in advance by listing important dates, deadlines, and office closures. See the tables below for details. 

Looking for your tax receipt after you’ve donated? Learn how to find your tax receipt

Deadlines for cash and non-cash donations

Date Deadline
Dec 1, 2022 Recommended deadline for brokerage account opening.
Dec 16, 2022 Recommended deadline for non-cash donations.
Dec 23, 2022 Recommended deadline for donations via wire transfer.
Dec 23, 2022 Deadline for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Dec 31, 2022 Deadline for cheque donations. Note: Please request the postmarked envelope at the post office. It must be postmarked December 31, 2022 or earlier if it is received after the deadline.
Dec 31, 2022 Credit card donation deadline (11:59pm PST)

Disbursement schedule

Charitable Impact disburses gifts to charities weekly if they have signed up for direct deposit, and twice monthly to charities receiving donations by cheque. 

Charity admins: please be aware of final cheque and EFT disbursements dates in December.

Date Deadline
Dec 20, 2022 Final cheque disbursements of 2022
Dec 29, 2022 Final EFT disbursements of 2022

Due to bank closures, the last EFT disbursements of the year will be completed on Thursday, December 29 instead of Tuesday, December 27.

Office closures 

Charitable Impact will be closed on the following days:

Date Deadline
Dec 23, 2022 Office closure
Dec 26, 2022 Office closure
Dec 27, 2022 Office closure
Jan 2, 2023 Office closure

Who to contact

Donor Experience and Engagement
For donor queries, charity support, or technical assistance.

Philanthropic Advisory Services
For donor questions about charity, options for putting charitable assets to use, or how to go about doing so.

Charitable Investment Program
For financial professionals helping their clients open Charitable Investment Accounts or facilitate gifts.

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