Giving Season 2023

About Giving Season

Giving Season takes place each year from October to December. It’s when the most donations are made and most gifts are sent to charities.

We encourage donors to initiate their donations early to ensure that they receive a 2023 tax receipt and charities receive their gifts before the end of the year.

Key dates and deadlines

Since the holiday season is busy, we like to prepare donors, charities, and financial services partners in advance by listing important deadlines and office closures. See below for details.

Looking for your tax receipt after you’ve donated? Learn how to find your tax receipt.

Deadlines for cash and non-cash donations

Date Deadline
Dec 1, 2023 Recommended deadline for opening brokerage accounts
Dec 15, 2023 Recommended deadline for non-cash donations
Dec 22, 2023

Recommended deadline for donations via wire transfer

Note: Contact us for wire transfer instructions. Please also complete and submit the Record of Wire Transfer form.

Dec 22, 2023 Deadline for direct debit donations
Dec 31, 2023

Deadline for cheque donations

Note: Please request the postmarked envelope at the post office. It must be postmarked December 31, 2023 or earlier if it is received after the deadline. We highly recommend mailing your cheque with tracking to prevent it from getting lost.

Dec 31, 2023 Deadline for credit card donations (11:59 pm PST)
Dec 31, 2023

Deadline for donations of publicly traded securities

Note: Assets must be received in our investment account no later than December 31, 2023 to be eligible for a 2023 tax receipt.

Disbursement schedule

Charitable Impact disburses gifts to charities weekly if they have signed up for direct deposit, and twice monthly to charities who receive donations by cheque.

If you are a charity administrator, please be aware of final cheque and EFT disbursements dates in December.

Date Deadline
Dec 20, 2023 Final cheque disbursements of 2023
Dec 28, 2023

Final Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) disbursements of 2023

Note: The last EFT disbursements of the year will be completed on Thursday, December 28 instead of Wednesday, December 27.

Office closures 

Charitable Impact will be closed on the following days:

Dec 25, 2023 Office closure
Dec 26, 2023 Office closure
Jan 1, 2024 Office closure

Who to contact

Donor Experience and Engagement

For donor questions, charity support, or technical assistance:

Philanthropic Advisory Services

For donor questions about charity or options for using charitable assets:

Charitable Investment Program

For financial professionals helping their clients open Charitable Investment Accounts or facilitate gifts:

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