Accessing your tax receipts

When you add money to your Impact Account, you're actually making a donation to Charitable Impact Foundation, a registered charity and public foundation. It's why you get a tax receipt after adding money. The funds stay in your account until you let us know via the web or the app that you'd like to send charitable gifts to others, including charities, Giving Groups, or friends and family on Charitable Impact.

To view and download your tax receipts:

  1. Log into your Impact Account. 
  2. On the web: click Tax receipts in the menu at the top of the page.

    On the mobile app: select Account from the bottom menu, then select Tax receipts from the top menu.
  3. On the web: Under Issued tax receipts, click See issued receipts for the tax receipt recipient.

    On the mobile app: Under Issues tax receipts, select the name of the tax receipt recipient you want to view tax receipts for.
  4. Find the tax year you want to view receipts for, then click the download icon.

Accessing your tax receipt if you don't have an Impact Account

If you sent a gift using Charitable Impact but don’t have an account, we will have sent your tax receipt to the email address you provided when you sent the gift. This email will be from under the subject line “Your tax receipt for your gift to...”.

If you can’t find your tax receipt in your inbox, try checking your Junk or Spam email folders. 

Common questions

Why is the name of the charity not on the tax receipt?

All donations made through Charitable Impact are legally made to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada), and the tax receipt is issued by the foundation. As a public foundation, Charitable Impact Foundation then sends your gift to the charity you've chosen. Learn more about CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada).

Why can't I see all of my tax receipts in my Impact Account? 

If you give to a charity or Giving Group through Charitable Impact, but without being logged into your Impact Account, then the associated tax receipts will be emailed to the address you provided when sending your gift. Tax receipts are only stored in your Impact Account if you are logged into your account when adding money.

Can I get a tax receipt if I live in the U.S.?

While we're able to process donations from U.S. donors, the CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada) can only issue a Canadian tax receipt at this time. 

Can I get a tax receipt in someone else's name?

By law, tax receipts have to be issued to the "true donor" — the person who actually pays for the donation. 

Example: tax receipts and giving with your children

If your child has an Impact Account and adds money to it with your credit card, the tax receipt should be made out to you, or the parent who pays the credit card bill (even if the card is in the child's name). So, when adding money to an Impact Account, you'll need to make sure the tax receipt recipient is filled out with the name of the true donor. 

Example: tax receipts and giving with your spouse

Spouses can share an Impact Account and choose who receives the tax receipts if each spouse has a card in their name added to the Impact Account. As an alternative, each spouse can open their own Impact Account to keep track of their personal giving.

If you still can't find your tax receipt, email us and we'll be happy to help.

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