Minimum/maximum deposit and gift amounts

Minimum and maximum deposit amounts per transaction

When you add money to your Impact Account, it's also a legal donation to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada). You can gift the money you’ve added by sending it to registered Canadian charities, Giving Groups and Campaigns, or friends on Charitable Impact whenever you like. The minimum and maximum amounts you can add and send are outlined below.


If you have an Impact Account, there is no minimum account balance that you need to maintain, and no maximum limit. 

Deposit Amount                                 Min. Deposit                                  Max. Deposit
Per transaction
To Impact Account                                $5*                                                   $9,999

*The minimum deposit amount is $5 because the processing fees imposed by financial service corporations render donations below $5 financially unviable.


The maximum amount for credit card donations is $9,999 per transaction. This is the standard limit imposed by Canada's anti-money laundering laws. Multiple and consecutive credit card donations of $9,999 are permitted. There is no limit when making donations by cheque or publicly traded securities.

Minimum and maximum gift amounts per transaction

Sending money from an Impact Account to a charity, Giving Group or Campaign, or another person on Charitable Impact is called a gift. Below are the minimum and maximum gift amounts that you can send from your Impact Account:

Gift Sent                                       Min. Gift                               Max. Gift
Per transaction
To Charity                                      $5                                          $1,000,000,000
To Giving Group/Campaign           $1                                          $1,000,000,000
To a Friend                                     $1                                         $1,000,000,000

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