Cancelling a monthly gift

Monthly gifts to a charity, Giving Group, or Campaign can be cancelled at any time. 


To modify a monthly gift, you’ll need to cancel the monthly gift and set up a new one.

Cancelling monthly gifts made with an Impact Account

  1. Log in to your Impact Account.
  2. Select Tools at the top of your screen.
  3. Select the Your Monthly Giving tab.
  4. Find the monthly gift you’d like to cancel and select Delete.

If you have a monthly deposit set up as well, please make sure to cancel it as well under the Add money monthly tab. 

Cancelling monthly gifts made without an Impact Account

If you set up a monthly gift to a charity using Charitable Impact’s donate button on the charity’s website, or by giving through Charitable Impact’s website without an Impact Account, you can cancel your monthly gift from the email sent to you when you made your gift. 

This email will be from under the subject line “Your tax receipt for your gift to...”. Select cancel your monthly gift at the bottom of the email. 


Tax receipts for gifts you make without an Impact Account are emailed to you immediately after you send the gift. If you can’t find your tax receipt, try checking your Spam or Junk folder in your email account. 

If you can’t find your tax receipt, please get in touch with the Charitable Impact team by calling 1-877-531-0580 or emailing us.

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