Company administrator and employee management

Inviting employees 

Inviting employees to your Company Account will allow them to participate in any employee matching you’ve set up.

This feature is currently only available on the web, and is not yet available on the iOS app.

From your Company Account dashboard

  1. Select Manage Employees at the top of your Company Account.
  2. Select Invite More Employees and enter the email addresses of people you’d like to add as employees to the account.
  3. Include a note that will be sent out with your invitation.
  4. Select the blue Send button. 

Through an employee landing page URL

  1. Select your Account Icon the upper right-hand corner and select Company Account Settings in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Landing Page on the left-hand side. Make sure your banner & company logo have been set in the Company Info tab!
  3. Copy the Landing Page URL.
  4. Share this link with your team.

Adding administrators 

Invite them as an employee of the account using the instructions above. Once they’ve accepted your invitation and have joined the account:

  1. Select Manage Employees at the top of your Company Account dashboard.
  2. Select the gear icon next to the name of the employee you’d like to make an administrator of the account.
  3. Select Make Admin in the drop-down menu.

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