Customize a Campaign page

If you manage a Campaign on Charitable Impact, customizing your Campaign page can help people understand what your Campaign is all about.

This feature is currently only available on the web, and is not yet available on the mobile app.

Edit your Campaign page

  1. Select Giving Groups & Campaigns at the top of your screen.
  2. Under Campaigns you manage, find your Campaign and select Edit.

You can also edit your Campaign from the Campaign page. Visit the Campaign page, and select the Edit Campaign button.

Adding images to your page can make a big visual impact that sets the tone for your Campaign.

About Campaign page images

Banner image

Your Campaign page banner image appears at the top of your Campaign page and can be edited by Campaign admins any time.


Your logo appears next to your Campaign name and makes it easier for people to recognize your Campaign. Your logo will also appear next to your Campaign name when you interact with other people and organizations on Charitable Impact.

Gallery images

Gallery images can help bring additional context and life to your Campaign, and help people understand or see the impact you're making.

Choosing images

When choosing an image for your Campaign page banner, aim for images that are unique to your Campaign and help communicate what the Campaign is about.

Fair use of images

If you're using a photo, illustration, or other image that someone else created, it may be protected by copyright. Make sure have permission to use an image before placing it on your Campaign page, and follow any of the requirements laid out by the license. 


Make sure to only use your logo, or an image that represents your Campaign. Don't use logos from other companies or organizations.

Finding images

There are plenty of free and paid services on the web for finding images that you can use for your Campaign.

Free* Paid*
Unsplash iStockPhoto
Picjumbo Alamy

*Whether you use free or paid sources, make sure you’ve read and follow the license and usage limitations.


  • Look for images that are not too busy and keep the focus clear
  • Look for images that are positive, empowering, and help donors imagine the impact that your Campaign is making

Sizing your images

Images that are sized to the dimensions below will look the best on your Campaign page:

Image type Width (pixels) Height (pixels)
Banner image 1680px 420px
Logo 128px 128px
Gallery images 832px 579px

Free photo editing tools 

  • Canva helps you design and create banners for a variety of online platforms –just use their custom size tool and set your dimensions to the dimensions above.
  • If you have a pre-designed Photoshop file that you want to edit, PhotoPea is a free online tool used to edit PSD files.
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