Creating and editing Giving Groups

Creating a Giving Group allows you to pool or raise money together with other people for the charities of your choice. Giving Groups are free to set up, use, and manage.

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Creating and managing Giving Groups is currently only possible on the web, but you can still join and support Giving Groups from the iOS app.

Getting started

Creating a new Giving Group

  1. Log in to your Impact Account.
  2. Select Giving Groups & Campaigns at the top of your screen. 
  3. Select the green Create a new Giving Group button.

Creating a new Giving Group in support of a Campaign

  1. Visit the Campaign you want to create a Giving Group for.
  2. Select Giving Groups supporting this Campaign next to the About tab.  
  3. Select Create a Giving Group.

Editing an existing Giving Group

If you're an administrator for the Giving Group, you make changes to the group whenever you'd like.

  1. Select Giving Groups & Campaigns at the top of your screen.
  2. Under Giving Groups you manage, find the Giving Group you want to edit and select the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Edit Group.

You can also view your Giving Group first and select the gear icon to the right of Give from this Group.

Giving Group settings

Only Giving Group administrators can edit the settings for a Giving Group.

Basic settings

Group name

You can change the name of your Giving Group; however, please note that changing your group name will also change its URL.


Choose whether you want your Giving Group to be private or public. 

Private groups: A private Giving Group is closed to everyone except group members, and you have to be invited by an administrator to join it. 

Public groups: Anyone can find and join a public Giving Group, and all members can share links to the group page (for example, through Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.).

Recurring monthly gifts

Enabling the Recurring Gifts checkbox will provide people with the option to give to your group on a monthly basis. Learn more about activating recurring gifts for your Giving Group.

Giving Group description

Add a description to your Giving Group to tell people what your group is about and encourage them to support your efforts. Note that there is a 300-character limit for group descriptions.

About the group

What’s the group’s purpose?

Expand on your group description with an inspiring note about your purpose. This will help people decide whether to give you their support.

How can people help?

Describe the different ways people can help. Do you want them to give money, come to an event, tell their friends, or do something else? A clear request can make it easier for people to support your group in the ways you'd like them to.

About the group’s organizers?

Introduce yourself, any other organizers, and your backgrounds. People will be more likely to offer their support if they trust the people behind the group.

Customizing your Giving Group

Group photo

Upload a logo or photo that represents your group. Learn more about photo dimensions.

Charities the group will support

You can list up to five charities you plan on supporting with your Giving Group. You can change these at any time and you can send money raised to more than five charities as well. 

Create a Giving Group goal

Setting a group goal gives you a target to reach for. You can always change your goal at any time.

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