Sending charitable dollars to other people from your Impact Account

From birthday presents, to children's allowances, to thank you gifts—sending charitable dollars to friends and family can be a great way to inspire those around you to give.

  1. Select Give at the top of your account. 
  2. Select Give next to Give charitable dollars to a friend
  3. Enter the amount you'd like each recipient to receive. 
  4. Enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to receive your gift, using commas to separate multiple email addresses. Please only enter up to 25 email addresses at one time. 
  5. Select Continue
  6. Review the details of your gift and select Send gift

Common questions

What happens if the person I'm sending charitable dollars to doesn't have an Impact Account?

Recipients will be asked to sign up for a personal Impact Account. Once they've done that, the charitable dollars you sent to this recipient will automatically appear in their account. 

What happens if someone doesn't claim the charitable dollars I give?

Recipients have 30 days to sign up for an Impact Account and claim their charitable dollars. If it's not claimed within 30 days, the amount goes back into your own Impact Account. We’ll send you an email when this happens, too. 

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