Match gifts to Giving Groups and Campaigns

When donors give to certain Giving Groups or Campaigns, a sponsor may match gifts dollar for dollar. Anyone can set up a match—matching funds are provided by sponsors who generously want to help make a greater impact.

Matching can motivate donors to get involved with a cause and bring a larger community of donors together. If you’re a company, matching donations can be a helpful way to demonstrate what your brand cares about. And if you’re a charity, Charitable Impact offers an easy and effective way to facilitate matching from a sponsor.

What sponsors need to know

Reach out to the Donor Engagement & Experience team at or 1-877-531-0580 to set up a match.

How matching works

Once set up, the matching opportunity is listed for donors on the right of the Giving Group or Campaign page and communicated to donors throughout the giving process. You can choose to display any custom name as the matching sponsor, or remain anonymous.

Gifts made to the Giving Group or Campaign are immediately matched. The gift amount and matched amount are added to the page’s balance and total amount raised.

Matching customizations

Maximum match amount, e.g. $100 per donor

You can set a maximum match amount to make sure that your matching funds last over time. Gifts will be matched up to a maximum amount per donor until matching funds run out or expire.

Match end date

You can decide whether the matching opportunity should expire on a specific date, or if it should be available until matching funds run out.

If you choose an end date, any unmatched funds will automatically be returned to your account with Charitable Impact.

What donors need to know

When gifts are matched

As long as matching has not expired and matching funds are still available:

  • The gift amount will be matched immediately for one-time donations.
  • Gifts will be matched on the monthly processing date for monthly gifts.

Partially-matched gifts

Here are the reasons why your gift may be partially matched:

  • There are not enough funds available to match your gift amount.
    • Each sponsor provides a pool of funds to be matched. As the funds are used over time, subsequent gift amounts may not be matched fully.
  • Your gift amount exceeds your remaining maximum match amount.
    • If your previous gifts to the group have already been matched, subsequent gifts may not be matched fully because you are close to reaching the maximum match amount per donor.

Donors can view the matching policy on the Giving Group or Campaign page and when they send a gift.

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