Match gifts to Giving Groups and Campaigns

When you choose to give to certain Giving Groups or Campaigns, a sponsor may match your gift dollar for dollar. Gifts will be matched up to a maximum amount per donor, until matching funds run out or expire.

Matching funds are provided by sponsors who generously want to help you make an even greater impact through our matching program.

When will my gift be matched? 

So long as matching funds are still available and matching has not yet expired:

  • For one-time donations, the gift amount will be matched immediately.
  • For monthly gifts, your gifts will be matched on your monthly processing date. 

Why is my gift only being partially matched?

Here are reasons why your gift may be partially matched:

  • There are not enough funds available to match your gift amount
    • Each sponsor provides a pool of funds to be matched. As the funds are matched over time, subsequent gift amounts may not be fully matched.
  • Your gift amount exceeds your remaining maximum match amount
    • If your previous gifts to the group have already been matched, subsequent gifts may not be fully matched because you are close to reaching your maximum match amount per donor. 
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