Manage your notification preferences

From time-to-time, you'll receive updates about your account, giving activity, and friends on Charitable Impact.

If you're a member of a Giving Group, you'll also receive notifications about group activity.

Notifications are sent to you by email, in-app notifications, and push notifications on your mobile device if you've installed the Impact Account app. You can choose the types of notifications you receive in your account settings.

Types of notifications

  • Giving Group activity: You’ll receive an email when someone comments or replies in the Giving Group activity thread. You’ll also receive an email when a gift is sent from the Giving Group to a charity.
  • Giving Group admin updates: You’ll receive an email when a Giving Group administrator sends a message to all group members.
  • Reminder about the amount remaining in a company match: If your deposits are being matched by a company, you’ll receive an email alerting you of the amount available to be matched.

Change your notification settings

On the web:

  1. Select your avatar in the top-right corner of your Home scree, then select Settings
  2. Select Notifications in the left navigation.
  3. Find the notification you want to change and turn it on or off by selecting the toggle on the right. Your changes are saved automatically.

On the mobile app: 

  1. Select Profile from the bottom menu.
  2. Select the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of your personal profile.  
  3. Select Notifications, then choose either On Charitable Impact or Email, depending on the type of notification you want to change.
  4. Find the notification you want to change and turn it on or off by selecting the toggle on the right. 
  5. Select Done to save your changes.

Note about notification emails:

Emails from Charitable Impact are sent to the primary email address linked to your Impact Account. If you’d prefer to receive our notifications at a different email address, you’ll need to change your primary email to the new one you’d like to use. If you are logged in to your Charity Account, you’ll need to switch to your Impact Account first.

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