With Charitable Impact, you can search for any registered charity in Canada and learn more about what they do. You can also search for Giving Groups and Campaigns. 

There are about 86,000 that are registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency, including:

  • charitable organizations
  • public and private foundations
  • educational institutions
  • religious organizations
  • qualified donees like municipalities, registered Canadian amateur athletic associations (RCAAAs), and arts and culture groups

You can search broadly, explore charities and Giving Groups, or filter results by location or category type. With an Impact Account, you’ll see charities and groups discovered for you based on the causes you tell us are important to you.

Start a new search

  1. On the web: Select the magnifying glass at the top right of the page.

    On the mobile app: Select Explore from the bottom menu.

  2. Type into the search bar and press Enter to submit your search query. 
  3. You will see relevant search results for charities and Giving Groups. To narrow your search: 
    1. Select the Charities tab to only see charities.
    2. Select the Giving Groups tab to only see Giving Groups and Campaigns.
    3. To only see Campaigns, select the Giving Groups tab. Select Giving Group types, then select Campaign and Apply.
  4. Refine your search even further by selecting the following filters. On the mobile app, you must select the filter icon first.
    1. For all (charities and Giving Groups): select Location or Causes
    2. For charities: select Location, Causes, Charity size, or Charity designation
    3. For Giving Groups: select Location, Causes, or Giving Group types
  5. Find and select the charity, Giving Group, or Campaign you would like to give to.  

Select causes and topics

Your Impact Account includes the ability to select causes and topics that you care about to help personalize your experience and narrow your search. This will surface a selection of charities and Giving Groups related to the causes you care about. Learn how to select causes and topics.

What if I can't find the charity I want to give to on Charitable Impact?

If an organization isn’t listed on Charitable Impact, it might mean that the organization is not a charity registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

Charitable Impact updates its charity listings with the data published by the CRA every month to include newly registered charities, and to remove any organizations that have lost their charitable status. 

Registered charities not appearing on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) online database

There are some organizations (such as school districts or sports associations) that might not appear on the CRA’s online database, but are still eligible to receive donations through Charitable Impact. 

If you believe the organization you want to give money to is a registered charity and should be listed on Charitable Impact, please email and we'll take a look.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit associations, clubs, or societies generally operate for the good of society, for recreation, or for any purpose other than for profit. Registered charities must operate for purposes that are exclusively charitable at law and conduct activities that further those purposes.

While both registered charities and non-profit organizations can receive donations, non-profits are unable to issue official charitable tax receipts. As a result, they don’t need to meet the same regulatory requirements as charities. Because non-profit organizations don’t have official charitable status, Charitable Impact can’t disburse funds to them.

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