Selecting causes and topics you care about

Your Impact Account includes the ability to select causes and topics that you care about to help personalize your experience.

When you select causes and topics you care about, your Impact Account can help you discover new charities and Giving Groups that might interest you. You’ll see items suggested for you on your home dashboard and when you search for charities and Giving Groups.

Causes Topics
Represent broader areas of charitable interests Represent more specific areas

You can select as many causes and topics as you like, and you can change the causes and topics you select at any time.


Charitable Impact does not share your selected causes or topics with charities or anyone else. Only you can see the causes and topics you select unless you choose to share them on your personal profile. Learn more about managing the information you share on your personal profile.

Selecting causes and topics

When you first sign up for an Impact Account, you'll be asked to select causes that you care about. You can skip this step and select causes, as well as topics, at a later time if you choose.

If you already have an Impact Account, you can follow the steps below at any time to add or edit the causes and topics you care about.

On the web: 

  1. Click your Account icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard, and then click Account Settings
  2. Click the Causes you care about tab. 
  3. Choose the causes and topics you care about. 
  4. Click Save

On the mobile app: 

  1. Select Explore from the bottom menu. 
  2. On the Search screen, select the Edit link. 
  3. Select the causes and topics you care about. 
  4. Select Done.

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