View your Campaign balance

This feature is currently only available on the web, and is not yet available on the mobile app.

To know how much money is available for charitable giving, you can view your Campaign balance by following these steps:

  1. Select Giving Groups & Campaigns at the top of your screen.
  2. Select your Campaign under Campaigns you manage.
  3. Select Edit. You’ll be taken to the Campaign basics page.
  4. Select Analytics from the menu on the left.

Campaign balance vs. total money raised

Campaign balance

The Campaign balance refers to the amount of money that a Campaign has available to give to a chosen charity. It represents the funds that are currently held by the Campaign and can be used for charitable giving.

Total money raised

This is the overall amount of money the Campaign has gathered since its start date. It includes funds raised directly by the Campaign and donations received by associated Giving Groups.

Learn how money is managed for Giving Groups attached to Campaigns.

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