Thanking donors

With a Charity Account, thanking donors (even anonymous ones) is easy. Whenever someone gives to your charity, you can thank them in your charity dashboard. 

  1. Select the blue Thank Donors button.
  2. Select the donors you’d like to thank.
  3. Select Thank Selected Donors.
  4. Write a thank you message in the Message field.
  5. Select Send Message(s) Now.

You can also thank donors personally by downloading available donor information.


You have up to 60 days to thank donors on Charitable Impact through the charity dashboard. Donors can be thanked once per gift. Be sure to review your message carefully before sending — you won’t be able to edit the message once it’s been sent.


The thank you message field can sometimes disappear when you try thanking donors using Safari. If this is the case, we recommend trying to thank your donors on Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

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