Send money from a Campaign to charity

You can send the money raised by your Campaign to the charity (or charities) of your choice at any time. Your supporters will automatically be notified when you do so, but you can also send them a personalized message from within your Campaign to celebrate the end of the campaign or any special milestones. 

To send money from your Campaign to charity:

This feature is currently only available on the web, and is not yet available on the mobile app.
  1. Log in to your Impact Account.
  2. Select Explore at the top of your screen.
  3. Search for the charity you wish to give to and select View Charity.
  4. Select Give
  5. In the Give From field, select your Campaign.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to give. 
  7. Select Continue after you write an optional message and review your privacy options. 
  8. Select Send gift after you have confirmed the details of your gift. 

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