Activate direct deposit for your charity

Direct deposit is the fastest way for charities to receive funds from Charitable Impact. 

This feature is currently only available on the web, and is not yet available on the mobile app.

To get your charity set up with direct deposit:

  1. Select Direct Deposits at the top of your Charity Account. 
  2. Enter your charity’s banking information. 
  3. Select Save.
  4. Complete the Direct Deposit Application form. There are three ways to submit this form:  
    1. Complete and submit the form online using DocuSign
    2. Complete the Direct Deposit Application form and attach your void cheque in an email to
    3. Complete the Direct Deposit Application form, and mail the form and void cheque to the address below: 

Charitable Impact
Attn: Disbursement Services 
Suite 1250 - 1500 West Georgia Street 
Vancouver, BC 
V6G 2Z6 

Required documents to send us

Please include a void cheque with your organization’s address in the top left-hand corner. For security purposes, Charitable Impact cannot accept void cheques with hand-written addresses. If you don’t have a cheque with your charity’s printed mailing address, include a direct deposit form or account verification form from your financial institution.

When is direct deposit activated? 

Charitable Impact will activate direct deposit for your charity once we receive your direct deposit application form along with the required documents above. The Donor Experience team will be in touch as soon as direct deposit has been activated.

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