How charities receive money

Charitable Impact sends gifts to charities weekly if they have signed up for direct deposit, and twice monthly to charities receiving donations by cheque.

Charities receiving gifts by direct deposit

Funds are disbursed to charities on direct deposit every Tuesday for gifts sent by donors up to 11:59pm (PT) on the preceding Monday.  

Charities receiving gifts by cheque

For charities not yet on direct deposit, cheques are mailed on the first and third Tuesday of each month for gifts sent by donors up to 11:59pm (PT) on the preceding Monday.

We email donors to let them know once we’ve disbursed their gift to charity. If you have a question about when a specific gift will be sent, please email us.

Gifts to a Giving Group or Campaign

Gifts sent by donors to a Giving Group or Campaign page are added to the balance of that group or campaign. They stay in the balance until the administrator of the Giving Group or Campaign sends the money to a charity. The gifted funds are then disbursed to charities according to the timeframe above.

Are you a charity representative?

Setting up direct deposit is the fastest way for charities to receive money from Charitable Impact. If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to claim your charity page. You can then get set up with direct deposit

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