Close a Giving Group or Campaign

If you're wondering whether to keep your Giving Group or Campaign active, consider whether there is still interest and support for your cause. 

If you no longer wish to maintain your Giving Group or Campaign, you can transfer the admin role to someone else (another admin of the group) or contact us to close it. 

Before you do:

To close your Giving Group or Campaign, you’ll need to contact us at We'll be happy to assist you.


Donations can continue to come in as long as the group remains open, even if the goal has been met or the deadline has passed.

If you are considering donating to a new cause with the same group, it’s important to know that the total amount raised from the previous fundraiser will not reset. 

If you set up your Giving Group by mistake or created a duplicate, contact us at and we’ll help you close the group.

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