What is a Giving Group?

With a Giving Group, multiple people can combine forces, pool or raise money, and support one or more charities or causes together on Charitable Impact. Giving Groups are quick to set up, simple to share, and built to make giving together fun and easy. 

With a Giving Group, you can:

  • Invite people to join you in giving, and support charities and causes together
  • Post comments and share updates to the group
  • Share the group on social media and encourage others to join
  • Add videos and photos to make your call to action as compelling as possible

Learn more about starting and editing your Giving Group.

How does a Giving Group work?

If you create a Giving Group, you automatically become the group's administrator. You can:

  • Invite others to join—when people accept the invitation, they become members of the group 
  • Decide whether you'd like your group to be private (only those who receive an invitation will be able to see and join your group) or public (anyone can find your group, join, and send gifts to the group)
  • Send money from the group

Anyone can give money to a Giving Group, but only the group's administrator can give money from the group to a charity or multiple charities. An administrator can also give money to other Giving Groups, Campaigns, or even other people with Impact Accounts.

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