Giving Groups

Giving Groups allow multiple people to combine forces and pool funds together to raise money to support one or more registered Canadian charities on Charitable Impact. 

With a Giving Group, you can: 

  • Invite people to join you in giving to charities and causes together—when people accept the invitation, they become members of the group 
  • Add videos and photos to make your call to action as compelling as possible 
  • Post comments and share updates to the group on the group activity thread 
  • Share the group on social media and encourage others to join 

Where can money raised from groups go?

Unlike other fundraising tools, money raised in a Giving Group cannot be withdrawn. The money must support one or more registered Canadian charities on Charitable Impact. You can send money directly from the group to a charity of your choice. You can also send the money to other groups and Campaigns on Charitable Impact, or to others with an Impact Account.

Anyone can give money to your Giving Group, but only the group admin can give money from the group.

Learn how to:  

Create a Giving Group 

Customize a Giving Group page

Manage a Giving Group 

Add a donation button for the Giving Group on your website

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